Episode 292

Mogyu!  Crunky!  Creme Collon!

It’s a roll call of the best and brightest in Japanese candy!

Join Jennifer “Freckles Zweiback” Froese and the chaps as they taste test a number of japanese snacks while discussing the merits of onion based therapy and play a new episode of Buzzer Beaters.

We place a cut onion under our desks, this week on Horsetrack Hooligans.



Updates & Corrections

Crunky is a chocolate candy from South Korea, not Japan.

Whatchamacallit was first introduced in 1978 but advertising for the chocolate bar peaked in the 80s.

In Canada, an identical candy bar is marketed by Hershey’s as Special Crisp.

The tie Colonel Sanders wears is a string bowtie but is also known as a western bow tie or Kentucky bow tie.


Show Notes

Name That Tune (game show)


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Episode 291

The man.  The myth.  The legend.

We could only be speaking of Arnold Palmer, a man so potent, so powerful, so dominant, that even his favourite drink was escalated to the status of godhood.

This week long time listener, first time show guest Jennifer “Freckles Zweiback” Froese joins the chaps to discuss the merits of golf inspired drinks and they society that created them.

We enjoy the platypus of refreshing drinks, this week on Horsetrack Hooligans.



Updates & Corrections

The film “The Dark Crystal” was released into theatres in 1982.


Show Notes

Ladyhawke – Soundtrack


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Episode 290

Christian Archie comics.  Nancy Drew covers cartoons.  Choose Your Own Adventure books.

Grab your Slushee bucket and join the chaps as they head to 7-Eleven for slushies and reminisce about their terrible childhood entertainment options.

We’re always getting our Truman Capote board game movies mixed up, this week on Horsetrack Hooligans.



Updates & Corrections

The Swedish Bond girl in The Man With The Golden Gun is Britt Ekland.

Clint Eastwood film where he is a drill sergeant is Heartbreak Ridge.


Show Notes

Pop-o-matic (Trouble Board Game)


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Episode 289

Smoking White Owls!  Wearing Gorilla suits!  Watching Netflix!

Is this a scene from the King Kong after party?  Nope!  Just another day here at Horsingham Downs.

Cash, Grass or Gorilla Grass, no one rides for free, this week on Horsetrack Hooligans.




Show Notes

Every Which Way But Loose


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Episode 288

Donair rail guns. Deep dish pizza hunts. Sour dough bread. Fava Beans with a nice Chianti. Warren goes to Japan and all we talk about is food.

We’re promised Twin Peaks and we get Northern Exposure, this week on Horsetrack Hooligans.



Updates & Corrections

The artist who does the tiled Space Invader around Europe is French urban artist Invader.

The Werner Herzog documentary following Central African Republic President Jean-Bedel Bokassa is “Echoes From A Sombre Empire”

John Corbett was the actor who played Chris Stevens on Northern Exposure.

Michael Mann was excutive producer on Crime Story.

The comedy sketch show that featured “The Freightened Family” was “The New Show”.

Dan Gallagher was the host of the Canadian music show Video Hits.


Show Notes

Mick Jagger & David Bowie – Dancing In The Streets


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Episode 287

Christopher “Lunger McPhee” Stewart ascends to third chair status and officially takes his place in the Horsetrack Hooligans pantheon, gracing us all with his wisdom, grace and vagina jokes.

We have the doctor look at our pianist, this week on Horsetrack Hooligans.



Show Notes

Mystery Science Theater 3000 – New Intro


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Episode 286

Warren puts a ban the pan flue, Jordan feels low on slow delivery, & Chris is bereft with his left hand.

We get our joke gun, this week on Horsetrack Hooligans.



Updates & Corrections

The Shining Path is a Communist militant group out of Peru, not Columbia as stated by Flatcap.

The Simon & Garfunkle song with the pan flute is El Cóndor Pasa (If I Could).  The song was eronously credited as a Peruvian folk song by Paul Simon.  Its music was composed by Daniel Alomía Robles in 1913 and its script was written by Julio de La Paz (pseudonym of the Limenian dramatist Julio Baudouin).

The Van Morrison song featuring a harpsichord is Cyprus Avenue.


Show Notes

Tom Tom Club – Genius of Love


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