Episode 241

Hot Dog Updates!  Bahn Mi Updates!  Pie Updates!

All the food that’s fit to print gets updated this week as professional tennis player Toren “Strangles Heartwater” Atkinson joins the chaps to talk Crocodile Sex, Nazi Planes and Chest Rocks.

We’re out skiing water on a moat, this week on Horsetrack Hooligans.



Updates & Corrections

The Canadian animated television show The Raccoons ran for six seasons airing sixty episodes.


Show Notes

Elton JohnCrocodile Rock


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Episode 240

Warren has the stupidest nightmare, Jordan dreams of being an airplane & Chris fills the gaps with white noise.

The news is for stupid people, this week on Horsetrack Hooligans.



Updates & Corrections

The Asian anchor on CBC that Flat Cap was referring to is Andrew Chang.

The cinematographer for Hateful Eight was Robert Richardson.

The Øresund Bridge connects Copenhagen, Denmark with Malmö, Sweden.

The actual title for Canadian film involving two police detectives is Bon Cop, Bad Cop.

The curling movie Jordan was referring to was Men With Brooms.

The Tomahawk Barbecue has been active in North Vancouver since 1926.


Show Notes

The Thing (1982) – Grenade Scene


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Episode 239

You can eat it. You can take it home. You can sell it on the street for heroine. Charles “Bindle Stiff” Mair is back this week to talk chalky chocolate, fractional reserve banking systems & vending machines glory.

We’re throwing out a lot of stale stuff, this week on Horsetrack Hooligans.



Updates & Corrections

KISS Unmasked came out in 1980.

The vaccination mark on shoulders is typically a smallpox vaccination. The reason smallpox vaccination left such a distinctive scar is that the hallmark of this disease is that it forms really horrible skin pustules that leave some pretty hideous scarring. The vaccine typically made just 1 small pustule, at the site of injection, which left that distinctive round scar.

The Trailer Park Boys was filmed in the Canadian province of Nova Scotia.

John Burdett’s novels featuring the character Sonchai Jitpleecheep take place in Bangkok, Thailand.

In December 2010, the Canadian branch of Columbia House went into bankruptcy, and its websites began redirecting visitors to a letter of explanation from the companies’ trustees in bankruptcy

The movie involving cell phones mentioned by Bindle Stiff featuring Kim Bassinger is Cellular, not Cell Phone.

The comedy film featuring Abe Vigoda mentioned by Bindlestiff was likely the film Crime Spree. However, it did not feature Chris Kattan.

The actor from Smallville who also voiced The Flash is Michael Rosenbaum, not Michael Rosenberg as Axhandle initially claimed.

“Wibbly wobbly… time-y wimey… stuff” was initially said by the Tenth Doctor (David Tennant) in the 2007 episode Blink.

ANZAC stands for Australian and New Zealand Army Corps so the ‘C’ stands for Corps.

The latest film by Stephen Chow is The Mermaid (2016).  It is the highest grossing film of all time in China.


Show Notes

Way To Go You Movie! – Night Shift


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Episode 238

Da-na Na-na Na-na Na-na Na-na Na-na Na-na Na-na BATMAN!   Charles “Bindlestiff” Mair returns to Horsingham Downs to enact his brand of vigilante justice on Nanaimo bar sweat, marshmallow flinging and the latest superhero film “Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.”  Will evil never rest?

Doodlethorpes for all, this week on Horsetrack Hooligans.



Updates & Corrections

The movie Axhandle saw recently that featured human Andy Serkis was Avengers 2: Age of Ultron.  He played Ulysses Klaue.


Show Notes

Fuck You Movie! – Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice


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Episode 237

Warren takes us out for free pancakes, Jordan takes us through doomsday prepping, & Chris takes us on a Hell Ride.

We buy you an egger after sex, this week on Horsetrack Hooligans.



Updates & Corrections

Sambo’s is a restaurant, formerly an American restaurant chain, started in 1957. The restaurant was named after the two founders SAM Battistone, Sr. and Newell BOhnett.

The experiment involving shocking a test subject that Axhandle was referring to is the “Milgram Experiment”


Show Notes

Electric Company – Spiderman VS The Wall


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Episode 236

Warren speaks the truth about Daredevil, Jordan sees something in his Blindspot, & Chris hears the call of Better Call Saul.

We spend our day in brine, this week on Horsetrack Hooligans.



Updates & Corrections

The Romans had metal armor.  The “sculpted pec” armor was bronze or iron cuirasses and were usually worn by officers.

In Tim Burton’s Batman (1989), Batman literally declared his intention to kill the Joker, then as the Joker was escaping Batman strapped the Joker’s leg to a statue that would inevitably either pull the Joker off the helicopter and result in him falling, or would pull the statue off the building and result in the him falling.

The actor John Noble played Dr. Walter Bishop in Fringe.  Remember that for next time Jordan!

Book Jordan is talking about about Globe & Mail writer moving to China in the 70’s is Red China Blues: My Long March From Mao To Now.


Show Notes

Batman Returns – Bomb In Pants Scene


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Episode 235

Jordan ran off to passionately embrace gun range bureaucracy leaving Axhandle and Flat Cap to talk amongst themselves and talk they did.  Flans are foiled!  Cakes are confronted!  Black forest gets a beatdown!  The brothers of baking whip up tasty conversation about Chewbacca’s bandolier, fugative bonobos, & Lego based booby traps for a delicious audible dessert designed to tantalise one’s earbuds.

We don’t need fruit messing this up, this week on Horsetrack Hooligans.



Updates & Corrections

The Michael Jackson documentary Axhandle was thinking of was “Michael Jackson’s This Is It”.


Show Notes

The Bogey Man Egg White Separator


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