About Us

Upon the miasmic hills of Stinkingshire, UK rests the stately Horsingham Downs Men’s Club. Within these hallowed halls, three Canadian gentlemen of privilege crack wise about popular culture and other topics of the day.

Horsetrack Hooligans is a weekly podcast you may or may not find amusing.


Members for Life

Warren “Axe-handle” Banks

Jordan “River Chicken” Pratt

Chris “Flatcap” Woods


Active Members

Toren “Strangles Heartwater” Atkinson

Chris “Lunger McPhee” Stewart

Bob “Hotwalker” Fugger

Angie “Club Soda” Woods

Gavin “Killing Jar” Pitts

Linda “Minenwerfer” Siemens

Matthew “Mint Muddler” Kowalyk

Charles “Bindlestiff” Mair