Episode 298

Bor Gullet! What does he do? What is he like? Would he drive the wienermobile?

Charles “Homeward Bound” Mair takes third chair this week to talk CGI Tarkins, driving wieners and making heroin fun.

We’re putting our wieners in your hands, this week on Horsetrack Hooligans.



Show Notes

Jon Spencer Blues Explosion in Baby Driver


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Way To Go You Movie! – S Is For Stanley


Shelley Duvall


Steve Buscemi


Marty Feldman


A Clockwork Orange – Penis Sculpture


Transformers: Age of Extinction – TJ Miller killed


Andy Richter on Jay Leno


Baby Driver


Ron Howard


Over The Top


Oscar Meyer Weiner Drone


Fisher Scones


Fuck You Movie! – Silence


The Void


Way To Go You Movie! – T2 Trainspotting


Preacher (TV show)


Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen


A Fistful Of Fingers


Edgar Wright’s 10 Amazing Movies You’ve Probably Never Seen


Computer Generated Grand Moth Tarkin


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