Episode 296

Devil art! Tiny Aliens! French New Wave Cinema!

Toren “Strangles Heartwater” Atkinson returns to the Downs to discuss the many forms of the coming Apocalypse.

We choose the form of our destructor, this week on Horsetrack Hooligans.



Updates & Corrections

The RPG game about kids in the 80s is “Tales From The Loop”.

The pre-apocalyptic detective novels Axhandle read was “The Last Policeman” not “The Last Detective”.

The movie where the sun melts the earth is probably “The Day The Earth Caught Fire”.

The animated short where a guy wakes up on a grey plane is “50% Grey”.


Show Notes



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Devil In Miss Jones


Dungeons & Dragons


Stranger Things


Museum of Vancouver


Spike and Mike’s Sick And Twisted Festival of Animation


Mad Max: Fury Road


The World, The Flesh and The Devil




Miracle Mile


The Last Policeman (book)


Last Night (movie 1998)


Seeking A Friend For The End Of The World


The Road


Terminator Salvation


Pacific Cinematheque


Man With A Movie Camera


The More The Merrier


The White Balloon


Killer of Sheep


Cleo From 5 to 7

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