Episode 293

Christopher “Lunger McPhee” Stewart returns with stars in his eyes as the chaps discuss the glitz and glamour of Hollywood movies.

It’s a foam rubber rock but not a real rock, this week on Horsetrack Hooligans.



Updates & Corrections

Every Which Way But Loose grossed approximately $84 million USD equates to $250,000,000 USD in today’s currency.


Show Notes

Whoopie Cushion


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Whoopi Goldberg


Thomas Edison


Henry Ford






John Woo


Alien: Covenant


Danny McBride


Michael Fassbender




Resident Evil


Fidget Spinner


Peter Mayhew


Star Wars Miniature Game


Rogue One: A Star Wars Story


Bor Gullet


Jurassic Park


Every Which Way But Loose


Twilight Drive-In

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