Episode 292

Mogyu!  Crunky!  Creme Collon!

It’s a roll call of the best and brightest in Japanese candy!

Join Jennifer “Freckles Zweiback” Froese and the chaps as they taste test a number of japanese snacks while discussing the merits of onion based therapy and play a new episode of Buzzer Beaters.

We place a cut onion under our desks, this week on Horsetrack Hooligans.



Updates & Corrections

Crunky is a chocolate candy from South Korea, not Japan.

Whatchamacallit was first introduced in 1978 but advertising for the chocolate bar peaked in the 80s.

In Canada, an identical candy bar is marketed by Hershey’s as Special Crisp.

The tie Colonel Sanders wears is a string bowtie but is also known as a western bow tie or Kentucky bow tie.


Show Notes

Name That Tune (game show)


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Rene Descartes








Nakano Broadway


Kit Kat


Creme Collon


Hula Hoops






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