Episode 289

Smoking White Owls!  Wearing Gorilla suits!  Watching Netflix!

Is this a scene from the King Kong after party?  Nope!  Just another day here at Horsingham Downs.

Cash, Grass or Gorilla Grass, no one rides for free, this week on Horsetrack Hooligans.




Show Notes

Every Which Way But Loose


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Gorilla Glass


Sweden Offers Takes Breaks For Repairing Broken Items


White Owl Cigars


Fuck You Movie! – The Forest




Nightmare on Elm Street


Session 9


Mark Williams


7 Up (documentary series)


Better Call Saul


Giancarlo Esposito


Andy Serkis


Jeremy Bulloch


Jim J Bullock


Mystery Science Theatre 3000


Father Brown


Death In Paradise


Gillian Anderson


Gary Oldman


Daniel Day-Lewis


George Clooney


Bob Burns III







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