Episode 280

Angela “Club Soda” Woods is set to appear from her hole this week. Will it be an early spring or will Angie see her shadow and bring us six more weeks of winter? Vegas Bookmakers are giving odds on more winter. Ladies and Gentlemen place your bets!

It’s dufflebag theatre, this week of Horsetrack Hooligans.



Updates & Corrections

Jim Iker was the B.C. Teachers’ Federation President with the long flowing hair.

Michel Lotito (aka “Mr Eat-All”) was the name of the gentleman who ate a bicycle.

The Fall is the name of the show starring Gillian Anderson after a serial killer.


Show Notes

Groundhog Day – Goat Video


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Robin Williams


MAD Magazine


Duffel Bag


Donald Trump


50 First Dates


Man Eats Bicycle


That’s Incredible!


John Davidson


Sammy Hagar


Louis Leakey


New York City, New York


Hell On Wheels


Hannibal (tv)


The Hunger Games


Treasure Island


Watership Down


Celine Dion


Bee Gees


Islands In The Stream


Staying Alive

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