Episode 47

Newly Christened Chap, Chris “Lunger MacPhee” Stewart returns the hallowed halls of Horsingham Downs in one of the pre-chosen forms to talk rodeos, Ron Jeremy & all thing Ghostbusters.

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Updates & Corrections

Constance Johnson is the Oklahoma State Senator that wanted to pass a law preventing men from having an orgasm outside of a vagina.

The “Bastard I read your book” reference is from the movie Patton.


Show Notes

Ghostbusters as performed by Ray Parker Jr


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Harness Racing









Calgary Stampede










Rodeo Clowns











Carpet Sweepers











Herbie The Love Bug











Buddy Hackett











Little Guy Rodeo

Texas Dad Beats Uncle To Death For Touching Daughter


Senator Who Got Banned For Saying Vagina

Female Senator Who Wanted To Pass Law Preventing Males From Achieving Orgasm Outside Female Vagina











Ron Jeremy











Jim Croche




















Rick Moranis as Louis Tulley









Kevin Spacey











Huey Lewis and The News

John Candy











Jack Layton









Jack White











Ernie Hudson as Winston Zeddemore









Sidney Poitier











Morgan Freeman











Eddie Murphy











Dan Akroyd











Ivan Reitman











Blues Brothers 2000











Mark Hamill











Corvette Summer











Big Red One











One Day At A Time











Panel Vans


























Power Rangers











Slavitza Jovan as Gozer The Gozerian











David Bowie










Daryl Hannah











Paul Reubens











Nice Dreams

Annie Potts as Janine Melnitz








Meryl Streep











Jane Fonda











Bernadette Peters











Sandra Bernhard











King of Comedy











Michael McKean











Spies Like Us











Martin Mull











William Atherton











Die Hard











Christopher Walken











Steve Guttenberg











Michael Winslow











Harrison Ray as Terror Dog











Peter O’Toole











Alan Rickman











Lorne Greene











River Runs Through It











Brad Pitt











Legends of the Fall











Video Disc











Married To The Mob











The Thin Man











Witness For The Prosecution











8 Track Tape









VHS Tapes






Directors Guild of America











First Blood











Mack Bolan











Rambo III











Dave Thomas











MacKenzie Brothers Cartoon

Agoraphobic Cowboy











William Shatner











Brother Bear











JD Salinger










Batman Movie Poster – Alfred Pennyworth











Batman Motorbike Model









Julie Newmar











Max Von Sydow as Brewmeister Smith








Woody Allen











Marshal McLuhan











Field Marshal Erwin Rommel











Hawaiian Punch

































Charlize Theron











North By Northwest











Neil deGrasse Tyson










Sucker Punch











Transformers 2











Highlander 2











Sean Connery











Comedy Film Nerds












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