Episode 287

Christopher “Lunger McPhee” Stewart ascends to third chair status and officially takes his place in the Horsetrack Hooligans pantheon, gracing us all with his wisdom, grace and vagina jokes.

We have the doctor look at our pianist, this week on Horsetrack Hooligans.



Show Notes

Mystery Science Theater 3000 – New Intro


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Episode 286

Warren puts a ban the pan flue, Jordan feels low on slow delivery, & Chris is bereft with his left hand.

We get our joke gun, this week on Horsetrack Hooligans.



Updates & Corrections

The Shining Path is a Communist militant group out of Peru, not Columbia as stated by Flatcap.

The Simon & Garfunkle song with the pan flute is El Cóndor Pasa (If I Could).  The song was eronously credited as a Peruvian folk song by Paul Simon.  Its music was composed by Daniel Alomía Robles in 1913 and its script was written by Julio de La Paz (pseudonym of the Limenian dramatist Julio Baudouin).

The Van Morrison song featuring a harpsichord is Cyprus Avenue.


Show Notes

Tom Tom Club – Genius of Love


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Episode 285

Jordan sealed himself in a box and mailed him to himself for copyright purposes, leaving the third chair absent at Horsingham Downs.

The results?  The worst possible outcome!  With no one to set boundaries for Chris, Flat Cap pummels Warren with his new found love:  Harvard Intellectuals!

We bet it all on black, this week on Horsetrack Hooligans.



Show Notes

Chariots of Fire Theme – Vangelis


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Episode 284

Angela Lansbury love affairs!    Leslie Nielsen vampire vehicles!  John Leguzamo clown characters.

Just when you thought it was safe to get back into the water, Christoper “Lunger McPhee” Stewart returns to the Downs for a movie fueled fun fest.

We send your wife into a fugue state, this week on Horsetrack Hooligans.



Updates & Corrections

The Hitchcock film that takes place in a courthouse is “The Paradine Case”

The film Blaze was released in 1989 and starred Paul Newman and Lolita Davidovich as Blaze Starr.

The gun based martial art known as Gunkata was featured in the film Equilibrium

The 3D movie Axhandle was referring to was Metalstorm: The Destruction of Jared-Syn

KISS Meets The Phantom Of The Park was backed by Hanna-Barbara.

“Story of Your Life” is a science fiction short story by Ted Chiang that was adapted by Eric Heisserer for the film Arrival.

New Japan Pro-Wrestling is the Japanese Wrestling league Axhandle enjoys.

The ninja television show staring Lee Van Cleef is The Master.


Show Notes

Live It Up!


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Episode 283

Hot dog update?  Nope.  Fuck you movie?  Nope.  Chris’ Nerd Files?  Nope.

Embarrassed by his failure to trigger any show segments, Christoper “Lunger McPhee” Stewart returns to the Downs to correct this oversight.  Will he remember to bring up his favourite bakery?  Let’s find out!

We’re diagnosed with slapnea, this week on Horsetrack Hooligans.



Updates & Corrections

Raclette is is a Swiss dish based on heating the cheese and scraping off (racler) the melted part.

Readers of Alan Moore’s and Dave Gibbons’ Watchmen know that Moore & Gibbons concluded their graphic novel with a similar plot device, an artificially manufactured extraterrestrial threat. Indeed, “The Architects of Fear” is seen playing in one of Moore & Gibbons’ panels. (Apparently, Moore came up with the idea independently, but someone told him that it had previously been used on The Outer Limits, so Moore decided to acknowledge the series.)

Judd Apatow’s wife is Leslie Mann.

The character Chirrut Imwe from the film Rogue One: A Star Wars Story was portrayed by Donnie Yen.


Show Notes



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Episode 282

The snow has melted and the ground has thawed making the stately grounds of Horsingham Downes accessible to the outside world once again!

To celebrate, Christoper “Lunger McPhee” Stewart joins the chaps to talk Salumists, video game speed runs and a whole lotta pie!

We flew for poo, this week on Horsetrack Hooligans.



Updates & Corrections

Brian Minter still on CBC. He appears on Openline & B.C. Almanac every Thursday at 12:30 p.m. PST/PDT.

Ex-Spice Girl Mel B was the actress that peed on Bear Grylls hand. Grylls later admitted this actually never happened.

Timber Kings is the show that involves crews making log cabin homes.

Vic Flick is the original guitarist for the James Bond theme.


Show Notes

Bear Gryllis Gets Peed On


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Episode 281

Charles “Processed Cheese” Mair finally returns home after a year riding the boxcars and stealing pies from window sills to talk horrible land ladies, Cheez-Wiz, beard smuggling, and to everyone’s disgust, his hot dog recipe.

We’re having a hotdog threesome, this week on Horsetrack Hooligans.



Updates & Corrections

Will Rogers was a movie star in his day, with 53 acting credits on his resume.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police is the Canadian agency that handles the same duties as the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.


Show Notes

The Big Snit


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